Technical modular plant containers Eco-ventilated and water-saving
Modular Maestrale

Technical plant containers PATENTED

The Maestrale model technical modular plant containers allow you to decorate interior spaces effectively thanks to the presence of different shapes that can be used as modular elements. In fact, the size of each element allows a continuity of assembly that can follow the lines of the chosen area or can furnish a large surface with composite geometric shapes.

Each component of the modular plant container can be made using different finishing materials: the metal supporting frame can be disguised by the covering or be left visible. The side panels, made of wood or marble, allow a certain variation of the aesthetic appearance, making it suitable for the chosen area. Finally, the upper edge, made of different types of marble, contributes to the final finishing of each element.

The available shapes of the basic elements in mixed finishes are shown below: wood for the siding and marble for the upper edge, with a visible supporting frame.


Composing the elements together, an operation made easy by the uniform dimensions of the sides in contact with each other, it is possible to follow the contour of walls, hedges or gardens. By the same token, it could add a creative touch by placing geometrical green areas amidst squares or parks, both public and private.

Below, some examples of compositions with modular technical plant containers are illustrated. They have either visible or disguised frames and they are finished in wood or marble.

Example 1Example 5Example 6