Water-Saving Plant Containers

The absolute novelty of La Rosa dei Venti technical plant containers is that they conserve water. In a sunny environment, they use less water than other traditional plant containers.

These technical Plant containers are able to keep the plant hydrated and in good condition thanks to a particular system of self ventilation.
European Patent.

The container holding the plant or the flowers is not hit directly by sunbeams, but only from above.
The result? A significant saving of water

The compartment below the plant container does not allow heat to build up, thanks to air circulation, which allows proper preservation and hydration of the plant. The technical plant containers are suitable for outdoor use, including green spaces, terraces, gazebos, gardens, and courtyards. They are made of durable high quality materials; in addition we produce personalised inlays to the customer’s specifications, even starting from a drawing or a sketch.

Our artistic works use stone such as marble, granite, and hand painted lava stone, along with ceramic varnish and particular shades of colour. If they are made of wood, we choose types of wood such as walnut or oak, which adapt to differing requirements of duration, aesthetics, and processing. The plant container’s frame can be made of stainless steel, (polished or satin finish), powder coated galvanized steel or aluminium.